Jewels 2016

Jewels 2016 is uplifting the trade by educating and promoting the Gem and Jewellery in Sri Lanka. Therefore this year GASL arranges a competition among the traders and enthusiasts of Gems and Science of Gemmology. Jewels, the flagship annual event of GASL is scheduled to be held from 16th, 17th and 18th of December 2016 at Colombo for the ninth consecutive year.

Jewels 2016 Gem & Jewellery Exhibition and Competition of Sri Lanka
: BMICH Committee Longue Colombo Sri Lanka
: 16th, 17th and 18th of December 2016.
: Promote educational aspects of Gems & Gemmology
Target group
: Lovers of colored stones
Target participants
: Gem Dealers, Jewellers ,tool suppliers, other service suppliers and Scholars.
Competition and Jewels award
for 25 items from each category of Fashioned gem ,Lapidary art, gemological crystal,Gem studded jewellery and gemmological photographs
Committee Lounge at BMICH - Colombo

Product Profile

  • Gemstones - Blue Sapphire, and other colours (Pink, yellow, white ctc) Ruby,Cat's eye, Alexandirite, Diamonds, Moonstones, Topaz, Spinel, Amethyst, Garnet, Tourmaline, Zircon and over 50 other varieties.
  • Jewellery -Platinum, Gold, Silver Jewellery, including gem set and diamond set Jewellery.
  • Rare Gemstones – Crystals, Calibrated gems ,precision cut sapphires (watch quality)
  • Gem set ornaments.
  • Machinery, equipment tools for gem gravel washing, gem cutting, Jewellery manufacture, gold testing, computer aided designing.

Exhibitor Profile

  • Gem exporters, wholesalers, dealers, lapidarists.
  • Diamond Manufactures wholesalers.
  • Jewellery manufacturers, exporters & retailers.
  • Education & Training service providers.
  • Laboratory and certification services.
  • Export ready SME's.
Visitor Profile

A large number of trade visitors, from leading business organizations and Sri Lankan will make Jewels Sri Lanka a truly successful event.

Floor Plan of Committee Lounge for Jewels 2016
Booth No
1 to 4 250000/- VIP two side open
Booth No
5 to 44 Rs 120000/-two side open
Booth No
45 to 49 Rs 80000/-one side open
12 Rs.10000/-Showcases for Student carrier development project

+94 777 941 991 ( Chairman Jewels )

Mr Anada Ginthotage
+94 766 768 219( Coordinator Jewels )